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Let the Chair Guy Help You!

Do you sit in a chair all day at work?
Does your body ache from sitting?
Do you want your body to be healthy?
If so, this probably means you've got a problem with your office chair. The Chair Guy is an expert in office and workstation ergonomics, and the information here will help you correct your sitting situation and find a solution that WORKS for you.
Call Jim and ask your questions at 541-953-4458. He loves to talk about Swoppers!
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Ergonomic Chairs and Swopper Stools

Made to Order Swopper Chair

  • $ 739.00

Special Edition Swopper Chair

  • $ 699.00

Swopper Air Chair

  • $ 899.00

Leather Swopper Chair

  • $ 839.00

Wheeled Swopper Office Chair

  • $ 799.00

Wheeled Swopper Air Chair

  • $ 939.00

Swopper Backrest

  • $ 299.00

MuvMan Stool

  • $ 599.00